The Stardust Platform
Stardust API
Easily create your game and items on the blockchain in under a minute using our simplistic code snippets and REST API endpoints. Integration into your game is seamless, simply follow our 7-step process to migrate your existing framework to be compatible with the decentralized nature of blockchain - while still retaining complete control over your user profiles and data.
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Stardust Marketplace
Give your players access to an asset marketplace to buy & sell their items while generating you a profit. Game publishers share in any fees taken from the marketplace, meaning as players buy & sell your items more frequently, you make more money! Players have the unique ability to pay for items with flexible payment methods such as stripe, paypal, and even Bitcoin.
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Stardust Game Explorer
Gamers can now easily view transparent data on the games they play - statistics such as how many of a certain item exist which enables players & collectors to correctly price their items. This transparent data on the blockchain and viewable via our explorer gives players more information than they've ever had before.
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